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1st March 2011
Katie's longest lasting soft toy - the Salami Screamer!

"Hello Rupert!! Katie received her new Salami Screamer today and as you can see from the picture, she's delighted with it! The last one lasted an incredible 4 months which I think is a record for one of her fabric toys. Also, thank you for putting the stuffing in an extra bag inside the toy, it saved the chore of hoovering up once the toy finally came to the end of its life (Pic also attached.)" - Luca and Katie


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10th December 2010
They've ARRIVED!

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9th December 2010
Ho Ho Ho

A couple of my pet shop boys spotted Santa and his little helper doing good deeds for our four-legged friends in London yesterday...

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8th December 2010
Luca playing with our Hide and Treat Ball - hours of fun!

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8th December 2010
...and here he is again, with the Hide and Treat Bone - enjoy!

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6th December 2010
Snow on the beach... bizarre!

Still in Dornoch and still snow on the beach, not sure about a paddle though…

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1st December 2010
...and finally!


Got to Dornoch at the third attempt and had a good play in the snow on the beach!!  My two favourites combined, beach and snow!

As you can see my beard got a bit frozen but hey, who cares, bring it on!

Best, Rupert.

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22nd November 2010
Woof... enjoy our fab new website!

Welcome to the new Rupert's Pet Shop website!

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