Testing & Safety

Unlike toys for children, there is no legal requirement to test toys intended for use by pets before they are sold in the UK. There are no proper guidelines that any pet toy manufacturer can follow. Outrageous!

So… working with a leading testing company, we have devised and always apply our own tests to toys we develop at Rupert’s Pet Shop – compared to children’s toys this is pretty rigorous safety testing .  Whilst it is important to ensure that the toys we sell are as safe as is reasonably possible there is no guarantee how a pet will behave.  We are simply trying to do as good a job as we possibly can and to encourage the industry to raise their standards.  We will continue to use our experience to make our toys even stronger and safer.

We still have to print the industry standard disclaimers on our products about supervising your pets while they play with the toy, and discard the toy once it’s damaged... but we expect people to use their common sense too.  We work on the basis that pet owners love their pets as part of the family and as such, responsible pet owners ensure their pet’s safety when playing together anyway.  We think we have done our bit by making our toys safer to start with, for example in our plush toys with that have reinforced fabric and stitching, safer squeakers and contained stuffing.  We think this makes sense!