Rupert's Philosophy

We know a lot about making fun toys for Children. The team who work at Rupert’s Pet Shop has been making toys for kids for over 20 years...

Children’s toys are usually well designed, fit for purpose, high quality and safe to play with... pet toys should be the same!

Nobody knows your pet as well as you do. They can’t tell you what they like/dislike, or when you should discard a toy.  You decide what is best... what we’ll do is tell you the facts as best we can along with any things we’ve learnt along the way to help you make your decisions.  At Rupert’s Pet Shop we’re working hard to satisfy the needs of all the family so everyone’s happy, challenged, exercised  and genuinely enjoying  each other’s company at playtimes.  We are passionate about what we do – so we aim to make toys & accessories that are durable, as safe as possible but most of all FUN!